Lodging House Santa Chiara


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The Lodging House Santa Chiara is located in the centre of Pieve di Cento. The building dates back to the XV century and it was one of the first manor-houses in the village.


Pieve di Cento is of medieval origin and still preserves its ancient urban structure. Monuments and works of art (you can see paintings by Guercino and Guido Reni in St. Maria Maggiore Church) are gracefully fitted in its centre, which is a real architectural jewel.


Pieve di Cento stands right in the middle of the triangle Bologna-Ferrara-Modena and it can be easily and quickly reached from there.The Bologna Fiera district is about 30 minutes by car from Pieve di Cento.

Locations and museums of major interest:

- St. Maria Maggiore Church

- St. Trinità Church

- The four Gates

- The Fortress

- The Town Theatre

- The Art Gallery

- The Museum of Contemporary Art G. Bargellini

There are many typical restaurants where it is possible to taste traditional dishes and not far from the Lodging House Santa Chiara you will find many shopping opportunities and craftsmen shops.